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We see it on the local short tracks, fans in the stands don't like it, but a track has a timeline of commitment it trys to stand by, fitting in all the nights event on schedule, on time.

Group Qualifying Vs. Solo Times; So what is it, car count, "Yes!" Well we get that at the short track level, not saying it's right, but has NASCAR filled their plate to full, or is it TV's timeline...

Drag racing is all about times and speed, but here in the world of oval racing, we feel speed and skill come together with scince of many forms. Stagger, yes setup!  And what speed can that setup handle. Not down playing the NHRA nad Dargs, it takes a magical sceince and skill to get the speed and hold'er straight in a single lane, but lets take the facts as is without any tears. Its fact that these cars are doing upwards of 200m.p.h. and turning left, with multipule cars around them. The areo effects aplied to these cars are in fact legit, but does that have anything to do with qualifying as we have known it for over 50 years... The concept of a draft and speed, well even a 4th grader can figure that out.

These teams work timelessly to get the horsepower setup combnation to a tee, and infact, the driver wants his time, not a group time. So why a sudden change... Recently NASCAR stated in a press release that it had brought on Goldman Sacks to work on an evaluation and sales structure. So with that fact known, we see the organization trying to spice things up, and gain some momentum. Yet, handing false titles are crediting a driver for Championships not earned is, well a fan loser not a grandstand gainer.  Kyle Bush comes from the CUP series to teh trucks and wins, taken points and purse winnings. 

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